Payment Solutions

The fewer hands your money crosses, the easier it is to keep track of and handle.

Our dedicated payment solution provides a standardised payment interface, uniting your property management and point-of-sale systems with your payment providers for fuss-free operations and tracking. With detailed automatic reporting capabilities, transactions are streamlined with increased trackability, and you can place more attention on providing high quality service to your customers.


Flexible Integration

  • Transactions are processed between the payment vendors of your choice and your on-premise applications


  • Supports multiple currencies to make transactions even easier for you and your customers

Secure Processes

  • All payment transactions are processed securely with tokenisation, ensuring your peace of mind

Transaction Reports

  • Detailed reports ensure that individual transactions are easily traced
  • Customisable according to your needs

Efficient Automation

  • Reduces the risk of human error
  • Eliminates mundane, time-consuming tasks
  • Frees up staff to focus on serving customers

Our Service Process

Step 1

Identify customer’s unique operational needs

  • UAT’s experienced consultants will sit down with you to understand your property’s requirements, specifications and functions.

  • Software and hardware are then configured and deployed

Step 2

Recommend and configure a customised solution

  • If you require a payment vendor, we help facilitate meetings to identify a suitable payment vendor for your business

Step 3

On-site training

  • To ensure a smooth transition, UAT’s consultants will train your staff on the use of the new solution, and take the site live on the system after everything has been configured.

Step 4

Follow-up assistance and support

  • Our consultants will address any operational and application questions and transfer ownership of the system to your property.