Financial Management Solution

Keeping an eye on all of your business’s financial processes is no easy task when there’s so much going on at once.

Simplify your budgeting and finances with our Financial Management Solution, which expedites otherwise time-consuming processes and allows for central monitoring and control of multiple budgets across various aspects of your business. 


Central Database

  • Manage all your budget allocations from a single place
  • Set up and control multiple budgets consecutively

Custom Automation

  • Customise billing processes and schedules to reduce manual work
  • Create automatic invoices based on type of order placed

Easy Visibility

  • View and make changes in real-time to areas that require attention
  • Holistic monitoring and visibility, down to individual transactions

Data Reporting

  • Generate customised data reports to your needs 


Our Service Process

Step 1

Identify customer’s unique operational needs

  • UAT’s experienced consultants will sit down with you to understand your property’s requirements, specifications and functions.

Step 2

Recommend and configure a customised solution

  • We ensure that the solution is suited to your property’s operational workflow.

Step 3

On-site training

  • To ensure a smooth transition, UAT’s consultants will train your staff on the use of the new solution, and take the site live on the system after everything has been configured.

Step 4

Follow-up assistance and support

  • Our consultants will address any operational and application questions and transfer ownership of the system to your property.